3 ethical designers that you need in your life (and wardrobe)


After quitting fast fashion, I changed up the way I shop. Picking products that were built to last more than one season and moving away from trends based clothing.

But, when you leave fast fash behind, it’s a bit daunting knowing where to shop if you need something new. So, here’s a round-up of three UK based brands that you can buy, guilt free.


Handmade from deadstock fabric, ROOP is the antidote to fast fashion. Inspired by the traditional Japanese knotting method - Furoshiki, these bags are completely timeless. Pick yours up on Depop.

Megan Crosby

Megan Crosby is a brand for fashion lovers and the style obsessed, who are conscious of the impact that fashion has on our planet. Expect quirky and luxury designs, at a surprisingly mid-level price. Coupled with Megan’s ability to produce made-to-measure, you can also expect a perfect fit. Have a look at her website for her full list of designs.

STALF Studio

STALF Studio

Tired of throwaway fashion, Paris, the owner of Stalf Studio started creating her iconic Cocoon Jumpsuits and Stalf Studio was born. Fiercely female led, Stalf is the anti-trend. Instead producing clothes made by, and for real women. Find out more about them on their website.